Transitioning to School

The end of year is approaching and soon our Butterflies will be making their way to primary school. We are focussed on making their transition as smooth as possible. As COVID haltered our plans of visiting local schools, we have discovered other effective ways to educate and support our children on their transition to school.

We prioritise teaching our butterflies, not only their letters and numbers, but key skills such as road safety and transport, healthy eating, and establishing a morning and night routine.

Social skills are extremely important in primary school, so we have made teaching our children about speaking up in difficult situations, asking for help and learning to be resilient a top priority. Through play based learning, drawings of their uniform and school, and discussing parts of books which resonated with them, our children became more confident and excited in their transition to primary school.

Building their knowledge in all these aspects will create a smooth, positive transition to primary school.  Staying connected with our community and parents is also crucial for a positive transition, so we encourage you to talk to us about any questions or worries you may have!

Thanks, KOTA Team

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