Preparing to start childcare:

For many children, childcare is their first experience of extended separation from their parents and for many parents the guilt they have about leaving their child can make the first few days of childcare an emotional time. A little preparation can go a long way towards decreasing the anxiety felt by both children and parents as your family becomes accustomed to the new arrangement.

The First Few Days…
-Remember that it is perfectly normal for children to be teary and emotional on the first few drop-offs.
-Try and adopt a calm, positive attitude. Children have a remarkable ability for sensing the mood of their parents and ensuring you maintain a façade of confidence will instil confidence in your child.
-Say a quick good bye give your child a kiss and cuddle and then leave, prolonged farewells will simply draw out the tears.
-Whatever you do, don’t sneak out, as this will make the child mistrustful and clingier the next day.
-Once you have left the carer will scoop your child up and engage them in an interesting activity, so try not to worry!
-Remember you can call at any time during the day if you feel concerned, so feel free to pick up the phone if you need some reassurance.
-On pick up ask the carer for a quick debrief on how the day went, discuss any concerns you had, how your child managed, what they enjoyed and so on. Learning about your child’s day will help you feel involved, even if you can’t be around to participate.
-Maintain the positive chats and stories with your child at home so childcare becomes something to look forward to and enjoy.
– Encourage your child to express their feelings and validate those feelings.

You will be provided with a
– Kidz on the avenue labelled bucket hat
– Brand new labelled bed sheets

A daily Checklist of what you will need to bring
– Labelled backpack
– Kidz on the avenue hat
– Bed sheet
– labelled water bottle
– labelled milk bottle ( if required)
– comforter if required
– 2 sets of labelled clothing inside bag
– Spare pair of shoes
– Nappies if required
– Spare clothing

What you can expect from Kidz on the avenue:
– Highly experienced staff
– A warm and welcoming environment
– High standard of hygiene and cleanliness
– All meals provided breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and late afternoon ( munch and move accredited)
– Daily communication

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