Month: August 2022


Through every flick of a page, children immerse themselves in a story, becoming the characters they admire. Book Week is a valuable opportunity to celebrate stories and foster a love of learning! This year’s Book Week theme is ‘Dreaming with eyes open’, all about transporting yourself into the


STEM is crucial for encouraging children to become confident and involved learners. Their natural curiosity into how the wider world functions is appreciated and explored through areas of science, technology, engineering and math. Children’s mind make connections at rapid speed, and these links mu

The Reptile Show!

Kidz on the Avenue welcomed Kym the Reptile Man for an exciting second visit! Our children were immersed in this learning experience, excited to take a step out of their comfort zone and use their senses to explore new opportunities. Bringing a world of wildlife to the classroom makes our children c

Health and Hygiene

Learning about health and hygiene encourages children to develop positive habits from a young age, which they can carry with them in the future.   Through music and movement, creative art and imaginative stories, children have learnt all about the importance of making healthy eating decisions,