Month: November 2021

Transitioning to School

The end of year is approaching and soon our Butterflies will be making their way to primary school. We are focussed on making their transition as smooth as possible. As COVID haltered our plans of visiting local schools, we have discovered other effective ways to educate and support our children on

National Recycling Week

This week is National Recycling Week! And the perfect opportunity to announce that Kidz on the Avenue will be doing its best to go PAPERLESS! This past week at Kidz on the Avenue, children have been actively learning about how be more sustainable and environmentally conscious. Through various intent

Hatch N’ Grow Program

For the past two weeks, the centre has participated in the Hatch N’ Grow Program, which gave our children the opportunity to witness the lifecycle of a chicken and duck firsthand. We researched and learned about the lifecycle of ducks and chickens, such as where the eggs come from. The children th