Month: August 2023

Book Week 2023

Book Week 2023 – ‘Read, Grow, Inspire’ The theme of this year’s book week encourages a child’s love from reading from childhood, and showing them the endless world of possibilities that awaits them. We enjoyed a week full of storytelling, which the children really enjoy

Worm Farm

Today we welcomed Farmer Steven and Urban Grow to Kidz on the Avenue! We first learnt about what worms can eat and what we can and can’t compost. We then created ‘worm parcels’, which are like homes for worms to help them settle in their new worm farm. The children also enjoyed a treas

Hatching Chicks

Our Hatching Chicks program has been a great success! Six of our chicks hatched, and the children have been excited to come in each morning to say hi to their new friends. Through art, music, story and intentional teaching the children were excited to learn about chicks, and their life cycle. The ch

Supercody Treasure Hunt

Today we had a special visit from Super Cody! Super Cody also brought along with him some special robot friends. The children were excited to be apart of the robot’s adventures and help the princess find her treasures. The children were instructed on how to use the robots and what buttons to press