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The Reptile Show!

Kidz on the Avenue welcomed Kym the Reptile Man for an exciting second visit! Our children were immersed in this learning experience, excited to take a step out of their comfort zone and use their senses to explore new opportunities. Bringing a world of wildlife to the classroom makes our children c

Health and Hygiene

Learning about health and hygiene encourages children to develop positive habits from a young age, which they can carry with them in the future.   Through music and movement, creative art and imaginative stories, children have learnt all about the importance of making healthy eating decisions,


Painting in early childhood allows children to explore their senses . They take opportunity of their creative freedom and make colourful masterpieces to express their feelings, thoughts and ideas. From butterflies flying on a sunny day surrounded by flowers and blue skies, to tigers in the forest, t

National Reconciliation Week

National Reconciliation Week took place on the 27th May-3rd June and was a valuable opportunity to educate our young children on the importance of learning about our shared history, and exploring how we can reach reconciliation in Australia. Through intentional teaching, group discussions, tradition


Construction play allows for young children to manipulate elements of the play environment to construct something new. Construction play allows for a range of skills to strengthen including fine motor skills, planning, creativity, imagination, mathematical concepts, spatial reasoning, divergent thi

Easter 2022

Easter celebrations provide a worthwhile opportunity to encourage cultural awareness amongst our children and teach them about various cultural practices. By incorporating Easter festivities within our intentional teaching program and play based learning, our children became more engaged and eager t

Harmony Week 2022

Harmony Week is a beautiful time to teach our children the importance of celebrating all the diverse cultures and religions which exist all around Australia. Australia’s multiculturalism is a significant part of its beauty, and children learning to appreciate this will strengthen their sense of co