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National Recycling Week

National Recycling Week provides an exciting opportunity to educate young minds on environmentally conscious behaviours as they continue to care for their planet Earth! Children engaged in a variety of art and play experiences, manipulating recycled materials into something new! From crafting insect


Recycle Man brought his infectious enthusiasm to Kidz on the Avenue, as he educated our young children on the importance of caring for our planet Earth. The children became so enthusiastic to learn through stories, music, interactive and hands on activities, and themselves becoming recycling superhe


We had a lovely morning celebrating Diwali, ‘The Festival of Lights’! Sunita and Viktoriya, from Diversity Kids, led Kidz on the Avenue in celebrations, as they shared art, music, dance, and story with us as we learned about the special festival. The child’s appreciation of culture

The Human Body

Bones are your building blocks! They keep you standing tall and strong! We end up with 206 bones, and to keep them strong and sturdy we drink milk, play outside and wear our safety gear when we need to. Did you know that if a bone breaks, it can heal by itself? Bones are our […]

Space Week 2023

Learning about space opens a child’s mind and imagination. Children venture into the unknown and expand their curious minds, recognising that we are one part of a whole. Children gain an appreciation for our Earth and realize the importance of caring for our planet. Through intentional teaching, 3

Urban Grow – Plant a Garden

Kidz on the Avenue had a visit from Farmer Steve. Farmer Steve came today to demonstrate and assisted the children in planting a few native bush tucker, vegetables, fruits and flowers into our garden beds. Farmer Steve demonstrated how the children can prep their soil to plant their choice of crops

Health and Hygiene

Establishing healthy and hygienic choices in childhood creates the foundation for a healthy lifestyle that follows into adolescence and adulthood. Our dental visit was accompanied by our programming which aimed to promote hygienic practices, like washing our hands and brushing our teeth, physical ac

Book Week 2023

Book Week 2023 – ‘Read, Grow, Inspire’ The theme of this year’s book week encourages a child’s love from reading from childhood, and showing them the endless world of possibilities that awaits them. We enjoyed a week full of storytelling, which the children really enjoy

Worm Farm

Today we welcomed Farmer Steven and Urban Grow to Kidz on the Avenue! We first learnt about what worms can eat and what we can and can’t compost. We then created ‘worm parcels’, which are like homes for worms to help them settle in their new worm farm. The children also enjoyed a treas