Month: March 2024

Harmony Day 2024

We had a lovely morning celebrating Harmony Day with families! We enjoyed making family handprint paintings, play dough faces, Harmony Day colouring, home corner, and our STEM Wall. Thank you to everyone who joined us today, we had a lovely time and love having family and extended family involved! W


We had a lovely morning celebrating Holi, the festival of colours! This festival is a time for people to come together to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. We celebrated with music, dancing, and painting each other with powdered paint! We also read our Holi story book, teaching us more about


We were lucky enough to have a special guest join us at KOTA, Kristy from Cleanaway came to talk to us all about recycling and the importance of sorting our rubbish into the correct bins. Kristy also taught us how the garbage trucks work and where our rubbish goes once it’s collected. Introducing

All About Me

An All About Me program supports a young child’s growing sense of identity and belonging in their environments. ‘All About Me’ not only encourages children to identify their characteristics, likes, hobbies, aspirations, but also encourages them to appreciate the similarities and di