Month: January 2023


Learning about Australia encourages children to become curious as well as appreciative of the world that surrounds them. Through songs and movement, reading stories, and learning about what defines Australia, children become appreciative of being Australian. Australia is also full of so many differe

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year allows our children to become more knowledgeable and appreciative of the cultures that surround us. Involving our families was such a valuable addition to our learning as well, as we had a Miranda’s mum and grandpa come in to talk to our children about this beautiful celebrati

Water Play

Hot, summer days call for water play! This summer we enjoyed water play here at KOTA. Our children came dressed in their swimmers, ready for a morning full of water activities, including water sprinklers, sprinkler mats, water troughs, stepping stones, and watering cans. Water play not only supports