The Christmas Kindness Tree

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and what better way to celebrate than we our centre’s very own Kindness Tree. We believe this an amazing, sustainable substitution to replace the regular plastic Christmas Tree.

All our students wrote ways in which they show kindness and what kindness means to them. The students wrote some heart-warming notes about kindness. For example, Saadvik wrote that he shows kindness when playing and getting along with his friends, and Augustus wrote that kindness is doing something nice for his mum.

The educators also provided their own ideas, explaining that consideration, generosity, being respectful and helping people without any expectation for something in return are all part of being kind to others.

As theorist Vvgotsky stated, children internalise feelings and emotions, and language is the key factor in their growth and development. The children explaining their thoughts of kindness definitely helped to improve their ability to communicate their feelings and emotions.

This was a wonderful and exciting way to reflect the importance of showing love and care to our loved ones at this time of the year. And also a great way to begin the festivities at Kidz on the Avenue!

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