At Kidz on the Avenue, we utilise a Transition to School Program, with its main purpose is to provide forum where we can provide the tools children require to cope and overcome the new challenges that school may bring. We provide learning opportunities to develop and nurture their social and emotional development, independence and a love for learning.

Our Transition to School Program is incorporated into our services’ daily routines. Our Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) curriculum closely observes and responds to children’s interests and needs, providing opportunities for skill development. We support children’s literacy and numeracy skills and harness the children’s natural curiosity with letters and numbers through play based learning. We also provide programs throughout the year to further support our children’s transition from the early childhood setting to primary school.

Transitioning to school is such an important time and is one of the biggest milestones for children and families. Forming strong relationships between early childhood settings and schools before children start kindergarten assists in ensuring a smooth transition. This also allows for information sharing between families and primary school settings prior to commencement, so parents are comfortable and certain of the primary school is suitable for their children’s needs.

As part of our Transition to School Program, our service has built partnerships with our local schools.
Each year School Liaison Programs are in place at our service. This program provides the children a learning experience of primary school. The School Liaison Program is planned for a few visits to the schools on alternate days once a week.

– Playground visit
– Classroom visit
– Library visit
– Assembly and school hall visit
– School office and sick bay visit

At Kidz on the Avenue, we also constantly promote good habits and behaviours, all contributing to creating desirable foundations for children, which will further enable them to overcome new challenges in the future, specifically at school. At KOTA we are focused on;

– Encouraging collaborative teamwork
– Communicating thoughts and feelings
– Developing independence and resilience
– Academic aspects of school, i.e. literacy, numbers

We understand a young child’s transition from childcare to primary school could be daunting, but here at KOTA we place an emphasis on the new and exciting opportunities that come along with primary school, hoping that the transition between these two developmental milestones is as smooth as possible.


Kidz On the avenue holds an end of year Graduation for all school leavers. We as educators create a Powerpoint presentation as we celebrate all achievements and special memories held at kidz on the avenue.