Aboriginal Cultural Immersion

Yaama to our families (Hello).

Today our children enjoyed an Aboriginal Cultural Immersion program learning, all about the Aboriginal culture. This program helped to improve every child’s identity, their connection to each other and their connection to Country. 

We began our session with our Acknowledgement to Country, followed by the children creating their own unique art by turning ochre into paint. We then gathered around for interactive learning about artefacts, like boomerangs and digeridoos. The children also enjoyed story in the Wiradjuri language and Aboriginal dance representing native animals. At the end of the program, we gathered around and our teacher Adam taught us teachers and children some words in the Wiradjuri language.

This was such a valuable addition to our program and engaged our children in learning about the Aboriginal culture. Thank you to Adam for creating such an immersive experience for our children!

Gawayu, Mandaang Guwu (Thank you, until next time)

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