Health and Hygiene

Learning about health and hygiene encourages children to develop positive habits from a young age, which they can carry with them in the future.  

Through music and movement, creative art and imaginative stories, children have learnt all about the importance of making healthy eating decisions, washing our hands, brushing our teeth, and the importance of sleep. 

Theorist Vygotsky believes that children will only lean essential skills such as managing personal hygiene and self-care by learning from the intentional teaching of peers and adults. Kidz on the Avenue strongly believes in this theory, and are so proud of our children for grasping the importance of being hygienic and staying fit and healthy.  

Kidz on the Avenue also completed the ‘Harold’s Healthy Day’ Module which supported our children to build and develop skills which encourage a healthy lifestyle. The children were extremely excited to read a story together called ‘Harold’s Healthy Day’, taking us through a fun filled day at preschool, help packed Harold’s lunchbox full of everyday foods, help Chompers brush her teeth and do lots of dancing!  

This interactive and hands on presentation was such a valuable learning experience and addition to our program. Our children were excited to learn from the friendly giraffe and his wisdom. We are looking forward for our next visit from Life Education in October for the preschool module ‘Super Safe Harold’.  

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