STEM is crucial for encouraging children to become confident and involved learners. Their natural curiosity into how the wider world functions is appreciated and explored through areas of science, technology, engineering and math. Children’s mind make connections at rapid speed, and these links must be fostered.

Science Week is a fantastic complement to our program, as we dedicated this week to fun filled STEM learning. Our little scientists used skeletons and X-Rays to identify our different body parts, made dancing raisins and created their very own lava and created rainbows using skittles!

Children are active learners and need to be given the opportunity to explore, discover and experiment. Hands on STEM learning creates a foundation for future learning, builds social and emotional intelligence and fosters necessary critical thinking skills.

STEM is a crucial area of our program here at Kidz on the Avenue, and we believe its key in helping children develop a lifelong love of learning!

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