The Human Body

Bones are your building blocks! They keep you standing tall and strong! We end up with 206 bones, and to keep them strong and sturdy we drink milk, play outside and wear our safety gear when we need to. Did you know that if a bone breaks, it can heal by itself? Bones are our secret superheroes which are the reason we can play, jump, dance and move!

Using 3D Models, X-ray machines, stories, music and movement children gained a deeper understanding of what our bones and what they’re here for. Children gathered new insights about our bones, that even if they are as long as a femur, or as short as the bones in our fingers, each bone plays an important role in how we move!

These artworks reflect children’s deeper understanding of the bones which they have in their body. As children strengthen their curiosity and critical thinking through STEM experiences, they transfer their knowledge from one area to another, as they begin to recognise that different living things are all built differently!

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