Book Week 2023

Book Week 2023 – ‘Read, Grow, Inspire’

The theme of this year’s book week encourages a child’s love from reading from childhood, and showing them the endless world of possibilities that awaits them.

We enjoyed a week full of storytelling, which the children really enjoyed as they sat to listen in their spectacular costumes. Children chose to spend their free play outside looking at different stories, dressing up as different characters and role playing.

We also joined Hurstville Library for a special storytime in celebration of Book Week, where the children enjoy stories, puppet play and arts and crafts.

Thank you to their children for bringing their stories with them the past week. If your child has a special book which they would like to share, please bring it for a group storytime, and continue to dress up if you would like! It has really been boosting the children’s confidence and making them excited to come to school to show their friends and teachers.

We will be continuing learning through stories this week!

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