It is vital to teach our children about the significance of not only Australian culture, but also Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. We value teaching our children about the owners of land and the acknowledgment of country.

By listening to songs, reading books and participating in activities, young children appreciate Australia and being Australian. The book we’ve been reading together, Our Australia, has taught us all about the wonderful things which make us Australian. From fauna to flora, and flags to landmarks, there is so much to appreciate!

Australia is also full of many of so many cultures and that’s part of what makes it so special. It’s introduces us to new traditions, new foods, new music and so much more! We are so lucky here at Kidz on the Avenue because we have children from so many different cultures. It makes discussions so interesting, with children teaching their peers about their culture. Listening and engaging with children allows them to make such valuable contributions to the program and their learning.

These discussions and intentional teaching is crucial in create a sense of belonging and community amongst children. A sense of belonging is crucial to young children so they feel safe and secure in their environments, vital for their growth and development.

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