Urban Grow – Plant a Garden

Kidz on the Avenue had a visit from Farmer Steve. Farmer Steve came today to demonstrate and assisted the children in planting a few native bush tucker, vegetables, fruits and flowers into our garden beds. Farmer Steve demonstrated how the children can prep their soil to plant their choice of crops and plants and even had a practice run by practicing with the bark play area. The children then had the opportunity to plant some seedlings into their garden bed. After planting the seedlings the children had the opportunity to plant the seeds. Farmer Steve the enacted with the children in a role play activity how a seed wakes up from sleep and what they need to grow. To finish off their experience, the children watered the plants with a special water mixture and applied some mulch to help the plants grow.

In this experience the children have had the opportunity to investigate and explore their natural environment as they care for their country and make connection with plants, exploring the basic needs of living things and how they can protect them.

The children were very engaged in the experience and were very interactive in conversing with their educators and Farmer Steve. The children were very inquisitive about their environment and demonstrated their interest to learn more about their environment.

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