Learning Story – Cross Cultural Exchange Program

Kidz on the Avenue recently participated in a cross cultural exchange program with a Japanese preschool!

Implementing learning about Japan in our program, through group discussions and intentional teaching activities has encouraged cultural awareness amongst our children and supported their respect to diversity.

We shared video letters with each other, which allowed us to discover how the Japanese children spend their day, what food they like to eat and what games they like to play. Our children also learnt words in Japanese, allowing them to communicate with their friends across the world.

We also participated in a video call with the Japanese preschool, which was a great success. We performed our traditional dances together, asked and answered questions, and played fun games and quizzes together.

This experience was a valuable addition to our program and encouraged cultural awareness amongst as well children, as well as strengthened their understanding that the world is enormous, and so many cultures exist all around the world. Our children were encouraged to learn about, feel and connect with world. This experience also encouraged the children to show kindness and respect to everyone, and appreciate our similarities and differences. We can make friends all around the world!

Thank you to the Japanese preschool for allowing us to discover their wonderful culture, and thank you to Thinkalot, who conducted and supported this program!

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