Construction play allows for young children to manipulate elements of the play environment to construct something new. Construction play allows for a range of skills to strengthen including fine motor skills, planning, creativity, imagination, mathematical concepts, spatial reasoning, divergent thinking and team work. Construction also allows for children to be environmentally conscious and exercise sustainable practices such as recycling.

Children greatly enjoyed our gift wrapping workshop, where children wrapped recycled tissue boxes, was designed around the children’s interest of wrapping gifts for Regis Aged Care. This was followed with construction play where the children put their imagination to work using recycled boxes to become explorers, mermaids, pirates and so much more!

The children also actively engaged in loose parts play, which was an extension upon from the box play as children wanted to add more items to their architectural designs. The children were excited to add transport to their road designs. Loose parts play is a valuable addition to learning experiences as they make, build, experiment and invent per their own rules and designs. Loose parts play allows children to build on their developmental skills in a supportive learning environment, and are supported to engage in open ended play. 

The scaffolding of learning and encouraging self-guided learning is important to support children in becoming independent and self-regulating learners. Our next extension, reflecting children’s interest, we will be incorporating road safety into our program!

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