Harmony Week 2022

Harmony Week is a beautiful time to teach our children the importance of celebrating all the diverse cultures and religions which exist all around Australia. Australia’s multiculturalism is a significant part of its beauty, and children learning to appreciate this will strengthen their sense of community and belonging.

By encouraging creative expression through music, movement and storytelling, children found a new appreciation for the wonderful traditions of different cultures. Interesting group discussions, with children speaking about their own culture, was crucial in creating respect for their peers’ cultures. Listening and engaging with children allows them to make such valuable contributions to the program and their learning. The various intentional teaching activities highlighted the importance of Harmony Week for our children.

Kidz on the Avenue is proud of its diversity as it introduces us to new traditions, new foods, new music and so much more! Supporting and appreciating cultural diversity creates a strong community where our children feel valued and a sense of belonging, which is vital for their growth and development.

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