Feel Good Feb – Regis Aged Care

Children being connected to their wider community is essential as it strengthens their sense of belonging, develop their social skills and teaches them how to positively build relationships.  

‘Feel Good Feb’ was a great opportunity for Kidz on the Avenue to reach out to our community and promote generosity and kindness amongst our children. Our children explored their imaginative skills by creating free hand artworks to gift Regis Aged Care Hurstville, alongside some card and board games. We are hoping to see them soon through a Zoom session. Thank you to Brendan and his family for helping Miss Elizabeth deliver the presents to Regis Aged Care.

This community outreach program was such a worthwhile reminder for our children to always show kindness to everyone. A massive thank you to Regis Aged Care Hurstville for being so welcoming and allowing us to collaborate with them, and the kindness they have shown our way.  

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