The Bugs Room
In the Bugs Room our staff begin to introduce preschool activities; involving them to participate in larger group experiences which challenge their exisiting skills which they have developed and attained from the Beetles Room. The educators use a variety of teaching straegies to explore and devlop these skills through small group experiences and individual (solitary play). Some of the activities which are in the program include;
  • Cognitive (Math and Science): Counting in sequence, Addition and Subtraction through songs, classifying and sorting. Furthermore, conducting experiements which focus on cause/effect and trial error; shaving cream, mixing oil and water, baking muffins
  • Language and Literacy: Stories, Alphabet flash cards, Singing, Puppet play
  • Creative Art: Sensory body art, Balloon and string painting, collage
  • Music and Movement: Multilingual/Multicultural music, Singing, Dancing, Yoga
  • Dramatic Play; Home corner, Restaurants, Dress-ups, Doll Corner 

All eduators in the Bugs Room  have adapted the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) into their programming and children's portfolios.


In the Bugs Room we communicate using a wide range of methods, such as the notice board, the daily journals, the suggestion box, newsletters, daily comment sheets, and as well as verbal interactions.