The Bees Room
Learning to adjust socially and emotionally is very necessary before a child is ready for more formal instruction just like school. The Bees Room focuses on preparing the children into the school readiness program before they transition into the Butterflies Room.
One of the main focuses which the educators focus on in the Bees Room  is developing thier social skills. Through a variety of large group experiences, our aim is for the children to work together towards a common goal. In order for this to be achieved, we providing stimulating exercises and experience to further develop their participative, cooperative and negotiation skills.

The Bees Room program is based on the theory that children learn best through play, and it is such play experiences, combined with a range of group times, that foster a love of learning in children that will help them be successful learners now and in the future. Within the program, our highly trained staff have adopted the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF)  to tailor a program which incorporates both the indoor and outdoor environments into its program. This approach is both child centered and teacher directed, which enables the children to bring in external interests and influences into the program. Some of the activities which are provided to the children include;

  • Cognitive (Maths and Science): Counting in sequences, identifying numbers, building on their addition/subtraction skills through songs, puppets and tactile objects, sorting, classifying and matching.
  • Language and Literacy: Learning Alphabet Robot, Alphabet Phonics, Flashcards, Stories, Puppet Theatre
  • Creative Art: Expressive art, Body art, Collage, Spray bottle painting, String painting
  • Dramatic Play: Home corner, Restaurant, Hairdresser, Ambulance
  • Physical (Fine and Gross Motor): Threading/Weaving, Peg boards, Hammer and Nails, Playdoh, Obstacle courses, Wheeled toys, Balance beams and stepping stones
  • Music and Movement: Multilingual/Multicultural Music, Tai Chi, Yoga, Freestyle dancing  .