“Tell me and ill forget, teach me and I’ll remember, involve me and I’ll learn” – Benjamin Franklin


Roles of early childhood professionals – Staff employed at KIDZ ON THE AVENUE shall be committed to providing a warm caring positive environment for all involved with the service. This ensures that children are able to develop to their fullest potential at their own pace and to gain independence and positive self esteem. Children need to “feel a sense of belonging, see themselves as being valuable members of the community, see themselves as unique and powerful human beings, learn that working together is a good way of generating new ideas, making progress, being creative and solving problems.” (NSW Curriculum Framework). An individualised program assists in providing high quality care and learning according to each child’s own needs and stage of development within a flexible environment. Programs are also individualised through parent and child weekly input and ideas.

Learning Programme – KIDZ ON THE AVENUE have incorporated the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Framework for all centre practices, methods and approaches to educating children and managing the Centre. By using learning outcomes and critical reflections the children’s development and progress goals are aligned with the new National Framework, ensuring that play experiences and opportunities for development are wholesome, enriched and include the many facets of child development, for example, the children’s sense of community value, understanding of reciprocity, fairness, equality and respect for cultural diversity.

Family Needs – Staff are active in building a strong partnership with parents on the ongoing care, nurturing and education of their children. Active involvement by parents is encouraged to allow transition from home to KIDZ ON THE AVENUE to be as smooth as possible. Staff and parents shall keep each other informed of the children’s progress through various communication processes.

Community – All involved with KIDZ ON THE AVENUE are respected as individuals regardless of their cultural background, gender, beliefs and attitudes. Individual efforts and skills are recognised and appreciated. We at Kidz on the Avenue will endeavour to promote sustainable living.

Communication – Teamwork is a top priority as staff work together to support each other and fulfil a variety of tasks. Open communication away from the children is encouraged so that staff may gain a variety of viewpoints and solve problems constructively. Commitment to ongoing education by staff ensures the highest quality of care and pride is maintained at all times.

Developed by Kidz on the Avenue Staff, Parents, Children and Management committee in October 2020.